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Soon, searching through Google could be completely different

For years Google has enjoyed the status of the most popular search engine in the world, which has no real competition. But in just a few months, everything changed. OpenAI introduced the much talked about chatbot ChatGPT, which showed a completely different way in which people can get answers to everything they care about, without having to turn to the almighty Google. As a reminder, Microsoft recently announced that it will integrate some ChatGPT options into its search engine, which means that users will also be able to search the Internet through Bing, that is, get answers to their questions that will be given to them by artificial intelligence, and which will be completely different, compared to what we were used to before. ChatGPT caused panic in Google. The alarm sounded, co-founders Page and Brin, who for several years have not been actively involved in the company’s activities, reactivated to find the best solution to fight against this new form of competition, which it seems they did not expect. And this solution is also – IA, Artificial Intelligence.
Google initially did not want to hurry with the implementation of AI in its search engine, because the results obtained from such searches should not always be correct, therefore the company team did not want to rush. On the other hand, startups like OpenAI that want to disrupt the market don’t need to worry about such things, they need to enter the market quickly and swiftly, regardless of the possible consequences.
And these consequences, at least for Google, can be negative, so this company still decided to react and protect its territory, that is, the market it dominates. Last week, the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai announced that Google will add advanced options based on artificial intelligence to its search engine. What we can expect soon is Google’s chatbot called Apprentice Bard, as well as a new design of a search engine for computers that can be used in question and answer format. “Very soon, people will be able to interact with our newest and most powerful conversation model, as a search aid, in experimental and innovative ways,” Pichai stated, referring to their LaMDA.Me model. these changes we can expect Google to change, but also the way we search the Internet, and it will be interesting to see, so compare Google’s AI chatbot with ChatGPT and find out which one gives more accurate answers and better.

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