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Slack and OpenAI Collaborate to Bring AI-Powered ChatGPT App to Business Communication

Slack has become the latest platform to integrate OpenAI’s ChatGPT app into its communication tools. The collaboration aims to enhance business communication by providing a tool that can save messages and create summaries of conversations.

According to Slack, the ChatGPT app allows users to click on a thread’s menu button and select the “summarize thread” or “draft reply” option. The app then generates a summary of the conversation that only the user can view. However, the information can be shared with others.

The app is powered by AI and can provide answers and information about a project or topic. OpenAI did not use any data available on the platform to train the language models. The collaboration between Slack and OpenAI demonstrates the potential for AI technology to revolutionize business communication.

Salesforce, Slack’s parent company, has also developed an AI system called Einstein, which incorporates OpenAI technology. The integration of AI technology into business communication tools is expected to become increasingly popular in the future, as companies seek to improve productivity and efficiency.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Slack and OpenAI to bring the ChatGPT app to business communication is a significant development in the use of AI technology. The app’s ability to summarize conversations and provide information and answers is expected to revolutionize how businesses communicate and collaborate in the future.

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