Intel’s Arc Graphics Series Gets a Boost

Latest Drivers Address DirectX 9 Issues and Introduce Price Cuts

Intel has recently launched the latest drivers for its Arc graphics series. Since its debut, the company has been working to address problems with DirectX 9, and the latest drivers represent a significant step forward. With the new updates, Intel has managed to increase performance by 43 percent.

In addition to the performance boost, Intel is also announcing price cuts for the Arc graphics series. Unlike Nvidia graphics cards, which can be difficult to find at the company’s recommended prices, Intel’s Arc graphics can be found even cheaper. For example, the Arc A750 8GB is priced at $249, offering 52 percent more performance per dollar compared to the $391 RTX 3060.

Despite its efforts, Intel has yet to establish itself as the third player in the graphics market, with the Arc graphics series facing major stability issues and poor DX9 performance. However, in the almost half a year since its launch, the company has shipped 8 major software updates, significantly boosting performance as if it were a new generation.

While inconsistent graphics performance makes it difficult to recommend the Arc A750 over the RTX 3060, Intel is gradually catching up with its rivals Nvidia and AMD on the software side.