Elon Musk and Tesla Call for Government Action on AI: Ambitions and Concerns in the Race to the Future

Elon Musk has had several disagreements with US authorities on matters such as finance and transportation security, but he and Tesla have identified one area where government intervention is necessary: artificial intelligence (AI).

During a presentation to Tesla investors outlining the company’s plans, Musk revealed that AI causes him considerable stress. The event discussed Tesla’s AI ambitions, which are part of “Master Plan 3,” a series of initiatives aimed at expanding Tesla’s reach and promoting clean energy.

At the presentation, Tesla executives showcased a video of a humanoid robot named Optimus that uses other robot parts to create copies of itself. They also presented detailed information on how Tesla is leveraging AI to train self-driving vehicles, an endeavor that is currently facing pressure from federal authorities.

When an analyst asked Musk whether AI could assist Tesla in building cars, he was less optimistic, stating that he did not believe AI could currently aid the company. He added that if they reached that stage, nobody would need to work.

Recently, Musk confirmed via Twitter that he is recruiting a team of AI technologists to create a ChatGPT competitor. In December 2022, he expressed concerns about the potential dangers of AI and suggested the need for a regulatory authority to oversee its development.