ChatGPT Update

AI chatbot Bing Chat comes to Edge and Android mobile apps

Since it started opening up Bing’s AI bot to users earlier this month, Microsoft has given access to 1 million users with millions more on the way.

Until now the only way to access the bot was through the Edge desktop browser. But Microsoft has decided to bring it to more products, services and devices.

Starting today, those who have access to the chatbot through their Microsoft account can use it in the Edge and Bing apps for Android and iOS.

Clicking the Bing button at the bottom of the app will open a new chat session. In the Edge app, users can launch the bot from the home page.

Users can also use the bot on Skype and interact in individual or group chats. Bing Chat can provide suggestions or translate in more than 100 different languages.

Another way to use the robot is through voice controls on mobile and desktop. Although it’s early days for the bot, it could mark the end of Cortana.

Microsoft says the bot will come to other apps like Teams as it continues to improve.

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