9 features we want to see in Android phones in 2023

Android 14 will bring some great innovations such as Material You, but will add in a second moment (which will most likely be Android 15) options such as the collection of widgets.

During the year 2023, Android 14 is expected to be launched, and users of these phones are looking for some additional options that will make it easier to use this program. We will look at some of these features.

Presence of Widgets
Android users wish to be able to bundle their apps into several other mini-apps which would keep the screen from getting cluttered by app icons scattered across it.

Putting applications to sleep
Another feature that users want is to be able to put apps they don’t use into passive or sleep status. We have many applications that we do not use and they fill up our memory and slow down the phone during use. This option helps us in this part.

Block private apps
Android currently does not allow us to set a password for various applications such as the gallery. This is required as a feature in Android 14 because it will help maintain privacy.

Battery Health
The iPhone gives us the opportunity to see the “health of the battery”, while Android still does not. It would be good for us to check the life of our battery to understand more about it and whether we should replace this battery or not

Temporary e-mail address
At the moment, no phone gives us the opportunity to have a temporary e-mail address and why not Android be the first program that enables us. Through these addresses we can avoid using personal addresses in which we may receive “a flood” of advertisements or unnecessary messages.

My Add Center was recently introduced by Google and gives us the opportunity to choose what ads we want to see. In this way, we don’t see useless ads that only waste our time. Android should definitely enable this option because it would help us.

Access to Lock Screen
If we have an iPhone, we can change the lock screen of the phone to our liking by setting a special clock, custom color view or other features. Some Galaxy phones have this option, but not all Android phones. It would be very nice for us to customize the look of our phone.

Control over You
Through manual control You can create individual applications which will be private. Control over You will create a panel with special colors chosen by us as well as by the phone program. The “You” material is presented by Google and is being improved day by day.

Change photo background
The iOS 16 program gives us the possibility to change the background of a photo and then place it in another place that we want. We need to click on the photo and then copy it to the clipboard. At this point the photo will be detached from the background and we will be able to create a new background for it.

Android 14 will bring some great innovations such as Material You, but will add in a second moment (which will most likely be Android 15) options such as the collection of widgets. Compared to the iPhone, Android is a bit behind in that many of the features we mentioned iOS software has. All that remains is to see what changes can come and whether Android will surprise us.

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