$100 billion is hidden from Google after the company’s AI bot answers wrong

Google is looking for ways to reassure people that it is still the most advanced company in artificial intelligence technology.

The internet giant has so far had the wrong answers. An ad designed to show off the power of the company’s artificial intelligence communication bot called Bard gave the wrong answer.

Alphabet shares fell 7 percent on Wednesday, wiping $100 billion off the company’s value.

During Bard’s promotion, which launched on Twitter on Monday, the bot asked you to tell about the discoveries of the James Webb Telescope to a 9-year-old child.

The answer he gave was that the telescope was the first to take pictures of a planet outside the solar system, but in fact this was achieved by a European telescope in 2004.

Google has been under pressure since last year, when Microsoft-backed OpenAI launched ChatGPT which immediately went viral by successfully passing school exams, composing song lyrics and answering various questions.

Microsoft said this week that the new version of Bing, which has been behind Google for years, would use ChatGPT technology in a more advanced form.

Although investors are prepared for artificial intelligence, skeptics warn that one should be careful with its promotion because of the risks it presents.